Dovah Ko Aan Ahlek!


Lyris Titanborn returns!

Lyris Titanborn is a Nord who is also part giant. She was a member of the original Five Companions and is first encountered while fleeing from Coldharbour through The Wailing Prison during the Main Story (Harborage) questline. Joining the Vestige to find the Prophet, she takes the Prophets place in his cell so he can escape. The Vestige later returns to Coldharbour to free Lyris, and the two, along with the Prophet, reform the Five Companions by also freeing Abnur Tharn, then Sai Sahan, to battle the forces of Molag Bal to save Tamriel and reclaim the soul of the Vestige.

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Cover photo: My Khajiiti Sorceress, K’Sasha Brii, exploring Northern Elsweyr.

2019-06-06 (20)