Going to say this Publicly – CHURCHILL

I have not had a very good past couple of days, including this morning. Yesterday I had to have my little chihuahua, Cutie, put to rest due to bone cancer in her jaw bone. This morning, my beloved Uncle Ricky passed away. As per my usual morning routine, after checking on Annabelle (wolf/cur), outside, I sit down with a diet coke and open Facebook and THIS is what I find (click the images for full size):

And no, just as with Babs Valencia, who viciously bullied me on this site, I have no reason to hide the name of this person. She is one of the members of the group I was a *part of when I was actively advocating to have Miller shut down and charged with animal neglect and abuse. It was because of the bullying that I dropped out of that endeavor and closed down all of my pages – including Manny’s Menagerie.

And here’s the click worthy clincher – Churchill’s fully updated video was originally on Manny’s Menagerie, but shortly after I deactivated the page, I uploaded it to YouTube. I have not had any means of keeping up with anything related to Miller since she stole and killed Zeek (a disabled cat), since I am no longer associated with anyone in that cause. It’s a worthy cause, but certain of the individuals in that cause, such as Jodi here, seem to think I am deliberately withholding important information when they have all of the exact same information. I just happened to have put Churchill’s life at MSH/Ho2C into an effective and truth revealing video., which they obviously couldn’t find.

When I uploaded the video, I didn’t add a description, but only linked it to Churchill’s page on this site in the “Faces of Innocence” section. But I did eventually privatized that section so as to reduce the chances of any further bullying, but it was still available on Churchill’s remembrance entry in the journal section. I just today, after receiving Jodi’s accusing message, took the video offline, added the description, then republished it, which, unexpectedly, gave it a false published date as proven here (this is a screenshot of the editing page for that video – note the dates). I’ve edited video descriptions before and it didn’t do that. I cannot explain why it did it here:


The video has ALWAYS been available on this website, albeit, with the exception of a short time after receiving Jodi’s bullish message (no idea why they were sent – seemed quite spontaneous and accusing) the video has been only UNLISTED – NOT unavailable. It was HERE, on Churchill’s first anniversary page all along! I Remember You, Churchill

So, now it’s all out there and the idiotic bullies now know the video is and has been, available (the next time they snoop on my site).

Insert Update – May 8, 2019: My research has concluded that the reason the “published” date was changed is because the video was initially UNLISTED, then made public (the new published date) for a short time before being made unlisted again. But again, it was ALWAYS available on this website. First the original, then the current version which replaced the original.


*I was ostracized from the group for no other reason than my, possible, misuse of one word (an adjective – incredibly) and my disagreement with the other members over their malice toward an old man who had been snookered into giving a disabled kitten to Miller, by Miller and her minions. The same way Zeek’s owner was snookered / defrauded. I suddenly, without a word or reason, found myself banned from pages two of the members run on Facebook. These people want my work and are willing to make me miserable with bullying to get it, but they do not want anything to do with me, personally. And, in my book, that makes them terrible people.

I may not be actively involved in the Miller case anymore, but I have not forgotten about the animals. I think about Churchill all the time, and Maggie, Zeek, Meepo, and so many others who’s lives have been destroyed by Miller, or are in danger of being so. But this is not a case I can take on solo. It involves too many animals, both living and dead, and dates back too many years, with those in local authority sitting back not caring about what is going on in the Miller house and despite all the evidence, they continually take her word for everything, without the need for her to show any evidence at all.

Churchill’s Video and it’s description:

Critically injured and died without medical care in the Miller house (MSH/Ho2C) in Houlton Maine.

===Timeline of Churchill’s last two weeks===

Tuesday, December 6, 2016: Meepo (severe CH cat) was scheduled for an evening surgery on this day for a kidney stone. However, at some point on the sixth, Churchill received his injury as well. Heather did not say this, but her post after returning home with Meepo that evening mentions “another emergency” and that she was *tired and going to bed* and would post about it “tomorrow”.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016: Heather has a total of nine posts on this day, including an update on Meepo, but not one mention of her “other” emergency from the evening before.

Thursday, December 8, 2016: Heather makes two unrelated posts before making her long post, with video, about Churchill’s condition, in which she says she *spent the night at the vets office* after she found Churchill with blood coming out of his ears. Claims tests were run and the diagnosis was a ruptured brain vessel. Said “vet just left” and Churchill was home with her. (Note: when a vessel ruptures in the brain, blood does not come out of the ears. The tympanic membrane seals the inner ear from the outer and the Eustachian tube does not go to the brain. Only nerves do.)

Friday, December 9 thru Sunday, December 18, 2016: Heather posts, among other things, various photos and videos of Churchill. With each subsequent posting, it was evident Churchill’s appearance and cognitive functions were deteriorating. On Dec. 17 she makes a long post about Churchill needing his left eye removed and that Dr. Brown would be there on Wednesday to do the surgery. There were no other mentions of him seeing a vet again. (Notation: eye removal surgery is major surgery. A Vet in a Van is not equipped to do major surgeries.)

Monday, December 19, 2016: Heather posts that Churchill is now having to be syringe fed. Her explanation is that “his mental status is going downhill”. Later that evening she posts one video of Churchill, dirty and dressed in infants pajamas, as her sign-off “good night”. Shortly later the same evening she posts a video of her sitting cross-legged on the floor with Churchill on her legs, still dirty and dressed in the infants pajamas. She is singing the Kissing Song and Jingle Bells to him. Churchill’s forepaws and back feet were tightly winched between her crossed ankles in this video to keep him on her lap and Churchill was, by all appearances, dying at this point.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016: Heather posts a “good morning” along with a still frame from the first video from the evening before. A while later, and after two other non-related posts, she posts a photo of Churchill, which I have determined to have been taken on December 15, 2016, stating how much he loved his toys a follower had sent. This was the very last anyone ever heard about Churchill. He just vanished and no one asked why.

On Sunday, March 26, 2017, a while after my original “For the Love of Churchill” video was posted, Heather finally admitted what we all already knew… that Churchill had died. Following yet another “story” about what happened to him, she said he passed “in his sleep” on the night of December 23, 2017.


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