Skill Based Matchmaking – Much Needed in Fortnite

This is going to be my very last post about Fortnite, unless they make some changes to make the game more playable and fair for ALL players. Any further posts concerning Fortnite will only give them free promotion, even if it is a rant. And I refuse to promote this game any further. In fact, if you are a casual player looking for a new game, run the other way and don’t look back at Fortnite, in it’s current state.

Anyone, and I mean ANYONE, who thinks Fortnite does not need, or should not have, a skill based matchmaking system, even an optional one, is 100% certifiably crazy!

You’ve got pro’s, highly skilled, tryhards, casuals, lower skilled, and newbie players all on the same battlefield. All at the urging and behest of the pro, highly skilled, and tryhard players to make their matches easier, while all the casual, lower skilled, and newbie players have much harder and more aggravating matches. Where, in any rules of fairness, does that equate to fairness? (yes, I have said all of this before, but it merits repeating.)

To clarify what tryhards are, they are excessively aggressive players that are a major nuisance in the game. They suck the fun right out of an, otherwise, potentially fun game. They have no place in the same matches with casual and lower players any more than the pro’s and highly skilled players do. All Epic Games is doing is satisfying all of these players by feeding them, literally, the players who have not one chance in hell against them. And that’s the way your pro’s, highly skilled, and tryhards like it. (I don’t see a whole lot of admirable skill in that… in fact, I see none!)

“That’s how they learn, though”, the tryhards and higher skilled players will tell you. But all the lowers really learn is how to hate Fortnite… many of which just quit and uninstall it. While those of us who have money invested are now cheated out of the fun we once had, before Fortnite became overrun by, mostly, tryhards.

Fortnite is not dying… yet! But it will in time because there will be no new players to take the places of the older players when they move on to new and more exciting games.