Team Rumble needs to be fixed – Fortnite

So, I played a (note “A”) match of Team Rumble last night in Fortnite. I don’t know, yet, about today, but as of last night Team Rumble was still the current large team LTM. I played the one match then logged out and booted up Elder Scrolls Online. But I “wanted” to play some Fortnite and try to complete some of my challenges, so I didn’t even stay in ESO very long and opted to just watch TV instead.

The sheer number of tryhards that were in that match was disturbing – not to mention annoying. >_>, I could not enjoy the game – just as the night before, when my son, a friend, and I tried to play, it was also no fun due to the number of tryhards in every single match. It’s not just their rushing and jump spamming and overall excessively aggressive play style. They also camp all of the respawn points and, when respawning, you either end up dead or badly damaged before you can ever even reach the ground – and you are, as everyone knows, completely helpless when you are on your glider.

In the matches the night before with my son and friend, none of us could even see them, not our teammates even, and they were firing at us from all directions and they almost never missed a shot, even when we were behind walls. They took out two squads worth of my team at Tomato Temple and the only ones we could see were the two that actually entered the area with us, which we eliminated. I don’t think they were ‘with’ the tryhards, just placed on the same team with them by the matching system.

So here is what they need to do to make Team Rumble a little more fun if they are not going to implement, the very much needed, skilled-based matchmaking.

  1. Change where players respawn. Have them respawn on their own teams side of the map. Currently, in my experience, respawning almost always sets you on the enemies side of the map and too far away from your squad and teammates. You are vulnerable and highly sought after and chased by the tryhards!
  2. Since number 1 won’t stop camping the respawn points, even on the opposite teams side, have respawning players spawn higher up in the sky. Like Battle Bus high. This will greatly hinder the ability of campers to take advantage of a respawning players vulnerability and allow the players a chance to rejoin their squad/team mates. Currently they respawn at a point where gliders auto-deploy. That is far too low.
  3. And finally, yes, I am going to mention it. Add an optional skill-based matchmaking to all modes. Also keep stats on all LTM’s, but keep those stats private and separate from normal mode stats. This will make SBMM work in the LTM’s too. It won’t prevent the making of new accounts for the purpose of exploiting lower skilled matches, but it would require the would-be exploiters to make a new account for almost every single match they enter. That would be pretty much impossible.

The tryhards are who are going to kill Fortnite. If Epic doesn’t do something about the problem, I fear they will, if they are not already, be seeing a drop in sales, as it is the casual community that supports this game the most.