Fortnite is Officially for the Tryhards

Epic keeps gearing the weekly challenges toward the players who play with excess aggressiveness, the tryhards. If this continues, I definitely, without exception, will not be buying any more battle passes, or using the item shop anymore. (ex: Challenge – “Damage players with FIVE different weapons in the SAME match”). Most casual players do good to damage players with two, maybe three, different weapons in a single match. The overwhelming majority of average players do not even carry five different weapons, and swapping out weapons in a match isn’t a guaranteed option. Without skill-based matchmaking this is a nearly impossible feat for casuals. The tryhards are in every match and they own the map with their excessively aggressive game play, making even the easier challenges harder to complete than they should be. Now this one? Seriously?

As far as I can tell, or am even concerned, Epic is making every endeavor to make Fortnite unplayable for casual players. I am beginning to believe they want a pro’s only game now – straying far, FAR off the path that the game was originally designed to follow. They adamantly refuse to address the gaping skill gap issue, much less the tryhards and the discord groups. The only way to address the gap and the tryhards is with skill based matchmaking, but they won’t even consider it because their pro’s, higher skilled, and yes, the tryhards scream at the thought of it and Epic strives to please only these players. The same players that scream about smg’s, planes, explosives, and anything else THEY think are designed to lower the skill gap, but they, themselves, utilize in their game play more often than do the casuals and newbies. They’re the same players that want more and more shotguns and shotgun accuracy and range increased. Shotguns have become a cancer in this game, once again, but it’s all they want and Epic has given it to them… and more.


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