It looks like ESO is it, for now…

I recently made an entry about my need for a variety of games to play and the ensuing, near, travesty of playing an old game, Guild Wars, just before playing ESO. Well, it looks like even Guild Wars, both 1 & 2, are not going to fill my need for variety. I’ve simply been through the storylines (all of them) in Guild Wars 1 too many times on different characters, although I still enjoy the scenery – and riding the worms in the Desolation.

I also tried to get back into Guild Wars 2 but, so far, that isn’t going well either. I love the scenery and there are a ton of side quests and little things you can do, but the main thing in GW2 is the living story, which I have missed a bunch of since I hadn’t played in over three years. I stopped playing in season 2, but had acquired 8 episodes of that season as they were released and had done half of them. Then I remembered why I had stopped playing GW2 – I hate stress and puzzles.

The living world boss fights are very much like puzzles and they can be quite stressful for a leisure gamer, like myself. There are also two expansions I do not have yet and, from what I have been able to find, it would do me no good to buy them, because unless I do the living world, I won’t be able to access the new areas – unless I also buy the necessary living world episodes I have missed. So, I can’t even buy the new expansions just for the area quests and exploration. I wouldn’t have an issue buying the episodes if I knew for a fact I would be able to do them. I have already skipped two of the 8 season 2 episodes I have because the boss fights were too stressing for me. Seriously – it’s not just a matter of mechanics, it’s also figuring out a puzzle while executing those mechanics. It’s like “leap over this bar while doing a flip and spinning 360, twice, all while scratching your butt and patting your head.” Some people thrive on that kind of stress – but I don’t. It’s a shame, because I really do enjoy the exploration in GW2 and most of the side quests are fun. The graphics are awesome, too, making the exploration all that much more pleasurable.

So, for now, it’s just me and ESO. Besides my Wood Elf, Sorceress main, I have started leveling two other characters. Another sorceress, slightly different build and Argonian (a powerful old lizard) and my Khajiit Warden – a staff wielder and focusing mostly on her ice abilities. Yea, I know it’s not atypical to have a warden wielding a staff, but I really am not very good with melee weapons. I may try her with a bow at some point, but I don’t really mind being so different. In fact, for the most part, I prefer being different.

And that is one of the things that makes ESO so great and so diverse. You can do what you want to and do it your own way. You can have a sorcerer who wields a great sword, if that is your thing. Whatever works for you!

The other thing that makes ESO so great is the abundance of content. There is the main storyline, alliance storylines, zone storylines, expansion storylines, and a massive variety of side quests, daily quests, delves, and dungeons. And for the PvP enthusiasts, there is Cyrodiil, the alliance war. And crafting for the do-it-yourselfer’s and would-be entrepreneurs. And let’s not forget about fishing!

To top it all off, you don’t have to complete quests to enter another zone. Just explore until your heart is content and just your travels will get you there.

Update – 03.31.2019

Warden’s are weak. At least my Warden is. >_>, By weak, I mean physically, her attacks seem fine, she just dies too easily. I have swapped out my Khajiit Warden for a Khajiit sorceress – another mage – but again, doing a slightly different build. For her level, I think she’s actually my most powerful sorceress. She’s only level 23, so if I want to keep her this powerful as she levels, I’m going to have to log onto Nahdeen and farm some Champion Point’s (CP’s). Nahdeen (Wood Elf) and Xal (Argonian) could use a little attention too, anyway, but I am hoping to get my new Khajiit, K’Sasha, to level 50 soon. She’s only a few days old and already level 23, so she’s well on her way. I want to do the Elswyer expansion first on a Khajiit when it goes live.
(And I still have Razlyn, my Khajiit Warden. I haven’t given up on her. I just may need to redistribute her CP’s. Possibly go ahead and switch her weapon to a bow, as well.)