Granny Bailey

Not checking on a screaming cat is a CHOICE, NOT an accident!


Bailey, aka Granny B. – click of larger view.

Two days ago a post from a Facebook page I follow came across my news feed. It was accompanied by the photo you see here. This is a 22 year old female Siamese cat, named Bailey, who had only one home in her whole life. Her only family before she went to the shelter was an elderly woman.

Apparently, the home the woman and Bailey lived in was sold and the new landlord, from the way I read it, was not allowing pets and this elderly woman, who had had Bailey for 22 years was forced to give her up. Below is the post that was with Bailey’s photo:


I was pleased, after reading this post, that Bailey was going to be taken care of. The lady that was taking her in does wonderful work with cats in need.

After reading the post, I continued to scroll through my feed and carried on with my day as usual. That evening, I sat down and opened Facebook and was met by another post by the lady who was going to be taking Bailey in. I read the post and I was so horrified, I couldn’t sleep that night. My heart was hurting so badly and my thoughts could not leave Bailey. Below is that post:


Before I say what I have to say, I’m going to share Bailey’s would-be new caregivers post from the following day:


When she posted this, she also removed the first two posts, effectively erasing Bailey, except for the one mention of her name in the above post. Don’t get me wrong, I am not upset with this woman. As I said, she does wonderful work and I felt every bit of the hurt and emotions she was feeling when she wrote the post describing what had happened to Bailey. But I also checked the Holbrook shelters Facebook page and could not find even one photo or mention of Bailey. If there had ever been anything about her on that page, they, too, *deleted it and if so, Bailey’s existence was erased even more – except that I had saved her photo, the only one, and the posts above.

Bailey lived 22 long years only to die this way and no one, as far as I can tell, is being held accountable. The person who had crated Bailey for her trip to her new home is one person who needs to be held accountable. She crushed Bailey’s tail between the two halves of the kennel which, obviously, would make Bailey scream in pain and this person made no effort to check why Bailey was screaming. The second person would be the transport driver. They drove 1.5 hours, longer if they made a stop, with Bailey screaming and thrashing about the whole way and made no effort to check as to why. By my estimate, Bailey suffered in extreme agony for about 2 hours total – counting crating, loading, and travel time and allowing for one short stop. I don’t even understand how anyone could “accidentally” crush a cats tail between the two halves of the kennel, as the kennel would not have fit together without forcing the two halves to lock it with the cats tail in between.

The lady who was receiving Bailey noticed Bailey’s tail hanging out between the two halves of the carrier right away. I cannot believe the person who crated Bailey did not see it. How about anyone else that may have handled the kennel from the time Bailey was put inside of it to the time the kennel was loaded into the vehicle? Or even just saw it as it was being carried through the shelter and outside to the vehicle. How long was she set down before she was loaded? And no one, at any time, saw her tail? No one checked why she was screaming and trashing? The first post about Bailey states she was not coping at the shelter. No other details than that, but that usually means the animal will not eat and is, either, withdrawn or fussy. There are so many questions that need answers, but none are being asked. As far as I can tell, Bailey’s agony and death are just being quietly swept under a rug.

There is a distinct, audible difference between the screams of a cat who is in agony and those of one who is merely angry. These two people chose to ignore Bailey’s screams and her throwing herself about trying to free her tail for two hours.

My opinion is that, not only should these two people no longer be allowed to handle the animals at the shelter, but they should also be charged with animal cruelty by extreme neglect resulting in the horrific suffering and death of Bailey.

She’s been erased, for all intents and purposes, by the people who were responsible for her, but she is remembered here. And here, in my heart, she will stay and on this site in hopes that what happened to her will serve to educate others – Please, assemble your kennels before you place the cat inside. If the cat is resisting, try a larger kennel. A larger door is much easier to get an upset cat to go through. Bailey was 22 years old. It was highly unlikely that she could have put up enough fight, judging from her photo, to resist going through the door of a kennel. Her agonizing ordeal and death were completely due to neglect and dereliction of the responsibility these two people were supposed to have for her.


*Update, July 30, 2019: I went back to the Holbrook Facebook page and found that they did, indeed, delete 2 photo’s, which had been posted together, from their Freedom Rides album at 11:01PM on July 24. That’s 3 hours, 17 minutes from the time Bailey’s would-be new caretaker posted her emotional description of what had happened to Bailey. Without any doubt, whatsoever, these were photos of Bailey, likely being loaded into the vehicle for the trip. I can only ask myself, was she screaming in those photos? I would venture to say, yes, without a doubt she was.

I also contacted several of the Humane Societies in Arizona to inquire as to whom I should file a complaint against Holbrook Animal Control. Only one responded and their response was that I should contact the Holbrook police department – which Holbrook Animal Control oversees all animal related complaints, so my complaint would have been referred to the very people I was trying to complain about. When I explained this to the Humane Society, they cut communication with me. I don’t think animals in Arizona have any more protection than those in Aroostook County Maine.

The two workers responsible for Bailey’s suffering and death work for Holbrook, AZ Animal Control. Not checking on a screaming cat is a CHOICE, NOT an accident!

About me, briefly: While this website is primarily a gaming website, this should not be cause for any bias against my animal welfare efforts. I started playing video games in 2005 as a means of relaxation and stress relief. However, I have 40+ years of my life invested in animal rescue and advocacy and I am only 58 years old, as of 2019. Due to health issues, I am now retired from active rescue, but I will always be a voice for animals.

This entry is perma-linked in my site menu. Bailey will not be forgotten!