Final Elsweyr Chapter Cinematic and a Sneak Peek

One of the things I love about Bethesda is their method of keeping their players in suspense. Even if the time between new DLC’s and Chapters is a little longer than players would like, the wait is always worth it (in regards to ESO).

At the game awards on 12.12.2019, Bethesda shared the final cinematic for the Elsweyr Chapter – the final battle with Kaalgrontiid and the end of the storyline in Southern Elsweyr. But wait for it – at the end of the cinematic we get a sneak peek at where the next chapter will be taking place.

The full reveal will take place on January 16, 2020 at the HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas at the Luxor and will be streamed live on Time: Approximately between 12PM – 4PM PST.