In Short: Update 25

Update 25 will soon be released and with it will come a multitude of performance improvements, but it will also require downloading the game client again.


According to Ninja614, in his post-reveal stream in Las Vegas on January 16, 2020, uninstalling the game will not be necessary. The update will do everything for you.

The patch will uninstall and replace all relevant files needed for the performance improvements, as well as, delete all obsolete files – files that are no longer used by the game. This will dramatically reduce the disk size of the game (for me, it will take it down from over 100gb). About 30 gigabytes is the new disk size of the game, according to Rich Lambert at the Vegas reveal event. If you missed the event, it is on Bethesda’s YouTube channel and also embedded on my previous post, The Dark Heart of Skyrim. The deletion of the obsolete files would, sensibly, also contribute to a better performance of the game. If you have a multi-core PC, the game will also start using more cores to run certain aspects of the game, reducing load times. There will also be various fixes and tweaks to some content.

2eba748570ee37bed7dc124320a40148Depending on your internet speed, expect a patch that will take a while to download and install. Along with the performance improvements will be the DLC pack, Harrowstorm, the first installment of The Dark Heart of Skyrim year long adventure.

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