Dearest Wendlain – Update (ESO – Lost at Sea)

This is an update to my September 27, 2018 entry “Dearest Wendlain, (ESO quest “Lost at Sea”)“.

My stats page and continued research on the Lost at Sea quest and the absence of Wendlain in Alinor indicate that many ESO players want to deliver Cartorrel’s last words to her loved one, but, like myself, they have been unable to locate Wendlain or Curtaros and his surviving crew in Alinor.

According to one of the wiki’s, Wendlain and Curtaros and one of his crew should be at the brewery in the south side of Alinor – in the Plaza of the Hand, the crafting area – just as Hiranesse said they would be. Wendlain should be sitting at a table, while Curtaros is singing a song in honor of Cartorrel, who died in Wasten Coraldale at the hands of the Maormer. Before Cartorrel died, she wrote a letter to Wendlain telling her she was sorry she would not be coming home.

At some point, the group was at the brewery, or how else would anyone have been able to get a screenshot of Wendlain, much less her dialog? It’s not known why they do not appear now – at least not for most people – but this is an issue that has haunted those who have done the Lost at Sea quest since the release of the Summerset expansion. It’s amazing the number of people who want to find Wendlain and give her Cartorrel’s letter, even though the actual quest is complete. It’s a testament to the kind of people who play ESO. Mature, compassionate, and unprejudiced people.

I have done Lost at Sea on two different characters, so far, and neither of them have been able to deliver Cartorrel’s letter. My desire to do so remains however.

Below is the screenshot of Wendlain and her dialog, as well as a screenshot of the Plaza of the Hand, showing where Wendlain and Curtaros should be.


“You’re the one who found Cartorrel, aren’t you?”
I’m sorry for your loss. She left this letter for you.
“You… you have no idea how much this means to me. I have no idea if I’ll ever lay eyes on her again, but at least I’ll have—I know she held me in her thoughts before the end.
Thank you, for all you’ve done.”
It was nothing.
“They say it’s the little things that count. I think they’re right. I won’t forget what you did for me and mine.”

She also comments on Curtaros’ singing:

Curtaros “My star-eyed bride of Alinor, lost in storm an spray, my star-eyed bride of Alinor, that cruel fate took away.”
Wendlain: “That was beautiful, Curtaros. She would have loved it. I never knew you could sing.”
Aldotarel: “The old man is full of surprises.”

Plaza of the Hand – The group should be at the brewery indicated by the red circle. The bartender is a Grocer merchant.


Fortnite Not for the Casual Player

I have just removed almost all entries pertaining to Fortnite: Battle Royale. While I do still have the game installed on my PC and I will still, once in a while, play around with it – because I’ve put quite a bit of money into the game – Fortnite is no longer a casual friendly game and the way it’s going, it doesn’t look like it ever will be again. Epic is simply far too obsessed with their pro and competitive content, to do anything to make sure the casual players can still play without being stomped on by sweaty tryhards.

Of the few entries I left intact, half of them are for my eyes only (not available to readers).

I won’t be promoting Epic Game’s or Fortnite (Battle Royale nor Save the World) anymore, either positively or negatively.

Stay away from the Official Forums if you don’t like toxic people, prejudiced moderators, and people who play both sides of the argument. Fortnite’s social media sites are no better.

Fortnite Community Stats and More…

Follower Counts: As of April 19, 2019

  • r/FortNiteBR – 1.1mil followers
  • r/FortniteCompetitive – 119k followers
  • r/FORTnITE (STW) – 319k followers
  • Twitter – 7.47mil followers
  • Fortnite Official Forums – no user count. Mostly the same handful of users, a bunch of one-time posting trolls, and multiple accounts.

Out of an Epic-claimed Fortnite player count of 250+ million, this represents only a very small fraction of the community and most of them, who actually participate, are tryhards, higher skilled, and pro’s demanding those things that make their game easier and faster, and also gives them those impressive kill count and win numbers. That includes being able to prey on the lower skilled, demanding siphon (health/shield on kill) be returned to public matches and opposing any kind of skill-based matchmaking. The number of casual and lower skilled players participating is crippling low compared to the afore mentioned groups. The afore mentioned groups, not only bully and harass the casual and lower skilled players on the forums, etc, but also claim the majority of the community want these advantages, while, in reality, the majority of the community, on all sides of the argument, do not voice themselves in any way, form, or fashion. So, the percentages cannot be calculated as to how many want this or that and how many don’t. Pro implemented Poll’s reflect only what those Pro’s followers select and they mostly favor the Pro’s opinions.

The total of the numbers represented can be lowered by the obvious fact that many of the users on the various platforms are the same people.

On the forums, moderators engage in selective moderation – unnecessarily editing, or deleting, posts and comments and issuing infractions to the users. I agree that forums need moderation to prevent discord and abuse among the participants, but when some get away with attacking, harassing, insulting, picking on, and dissing other users in every which way possible, and their “victims” are the ones getting their comments edited or deleted by moderators and receiving infractions on their accounts, there is something seriously wrong. I have left the forums, for good, due to this, which means one less voice for the casual and lower skilled portion of the community.

I have been trying to return to Fortnite, but due to the lack of SBMM and the tryhards sweating all over players like me, making the game miserable, I lack the motivation to do anything except playground – which quickly becomes boring when you are alone. I WILL NOT, EVER, spend any more money on Fortnite. I spent enough money in the 8 months of playing the game, before quitting in early January 2019, to have paid for a subscription to play any other game for over 3 years. I believe that should give me the right TO BE ABLE to play the game – as in it NEEDS to be PLAYABLE – and to have a voice on the forums. But it has been made clear that players, like myself, should never have much of a voice in anything. The toxicity of the community, itself, certainly does nothing to improve upon my will or motivation to return to the game. It actually just discourages me more.

Epic is so obsessed with competition, that they ignore the needs of their community – the player base. They ignore what is happening to those who want to play just for the fun of playing and maybe goofing off with friends – THESE ARE PAYING CUSTOMERS! They add new, and expensive, items to the item shop on an almost daily basis. Yes, they are a business and they are in it to make money, but there is a fine line between making money (profits) and greed. Not just greed, imho, but glutinous greed. They give MILLIONS in rewards to their “champions” in tournaments – money collected from the little people through the item shop. They add new items to the game weekly, without removing those things that need to be removed and now the loot pool is so cluttered, the chances of getting heals, shields, or even a good weapon are tasks in and of themselves, making the game even more unplayable. There are too many vehicles in the game – and the players have been saying this for a while – all they really need to have, in my opinion, are the ziplines and the quadcrashers. NOTHING ELSE! No balloons or glider redepoys either. Bring back 50v50. Make it AND Team Rumble permanent. And revert Team Rumble back to what it used to be. WHY ENCOURAGE MORE CHAOS? It was chaotic enough before! That actually makes me think that Epic WANTS to encourage aggression and ruthlessness among their players – without thinking that said aggression and ruthlessness CARRIES OVER TO ALL OF THE OTHER MODES (or maybe they have thought about it, if you get my meaning). And after having stated that they removed siphon (except in arena) due to the “unhealthy levels of aggression” it promoted. Epic conflicts themselves at every turn!

In-game bugs, on all platforms, go unfixed while they continue to add this, that, and more to the game. Anything they believe will keep players playing – and spending. It doesn’t matter that players want the game working right more than they want new weapons, consumables, vehicles, or even skins and emotes.

So, anyway, since I don’t have any intentions of ever spending any more money on Fortnite, I have the luxury of playing only when I want to (no battle pass to fulfill). Right now, and always, ESO takes precedence over Fortnite. At least it is PLAYABLE and PERFECTLY SOLOABLE, albeit it can be difficult. Bethesda does not coddle their players. The PvP mode may not have SBMM, but it’s not a Battle Royale and it is PERFECTLY BALANCED. Not to mention, the community, and it’s moderators, are the best you will find anywhere and Bethesda maintains a healthy relationship with their community.

On a final note, I want to say a little about third partying and the whiners who are crying because it happens to them while they are low on health/shield right after eliminating an opponent (or four). These whiners just blasted their opponents until they had NO shield or health left, thus eliminating them. Consequently, their opponents got in a few good shots and took down the whiners shield and health. That’s the consequences of aggressive game play – It’s 100% FAIR! There should be NO reward for eliminating an opponent. The rewards come either, at the end of the match when you win the Royale, or, if you are playing for kills, in the number of kills you acquired before you were either eliminated or won the match. These whiners are just entitled brats (regardless of their age) who think everything should be in their own favor or it’s not fair. There are some people in this world who need to realize that this same world, or any other, does not revolve around them. If they are going to play a game in which eliminating your opponents is a part of the goal, then they need to except that they, too, can be eliminated – even by third partier’s.

Ten Commands: Nine Divines

I am thinking about starting a casual guild in ESO and wanted to research the God’s and Goddesses of Tamriel first to help me come up with a name for the guild. In other games I have played, I have always named my guilds after books or places in the Bible. The religions in video games, such as Guild Wars (1&2) and ESO, very closely resemble the Christian religion in many ways. The basics and morals, that is, as well as the evil represented by Molag Bal and Nocturnal and several other not-so-nice entities known as Daedric Prince’s (high Daedra). Not all Daedric Prince’s are evil, however. Meridia is an example.

Anyway, I found the following on the Elder Scrolls wiki. This is a collectible book from TES,IV:Oblivion. I didn’t play Oblivion (although I do own it and gave it a try), so this was a pleasant find for me.

The Ten Commands of the Nine Divines

By the intercession of St. Alessia, you may be so filled with grace, and the strength and wisdom that comes from grace, that through these teachings you may come to the true meaning of the Nine Divines and Their glories. To convey to man’s mind all the manifold subtleties of truth and virtue may not be done, were all the seas ink, and all the skies the parchment upon which Their wisdoms were writ. Yet Akatosh, in His wisdom, knowing how impatient is man, and how loathe he is to travel upon the hard roads of truth, has allowed these ten simple commands to be made manifest with powerful clarity and concise definition.

1. Stendarr says: Be kind and generous to the people of Tamriel. Protect the weak, heal the sick, and give to the needy.

2. Arkay says: Honor the earth, its creatures, and the spirits, living and dead. Guard and tend the bounties of the mortal world, and do not profane the spirits of the dead.

3. Mara says: Live soberly and peacefully. Honor your parents, and preserve the peace and security of home and family.

4. Zenithar says: Work hard, and you will be rewarded. Spend wisely, and you will be comfortable. Never steal, or you will be punished.

5. Talos says: Be strong for war. Be bold against enemies and evil, and defend the people of Tamriel.

6. Kynareth says: Use Nature’s gifts wisely. Respect her power, and fear her fury.

7. Dibella says: Open your heart to the noble secrets of art and love. Treasure the gifts of friendship. Seek joy and inspiration in the mysteries of love.

8. Julianos says: Know the truth. Observe the law. When in doubt, seek wisdom from the wise.

9. Akatosh says: Serve and obey your Emperor. Study the Covenants. Worship the Nine, do your duty, and heed the commands of the saints and priests.

10. The Nine say: Above all else, be good to one another.

If only each man might look into the mirror of these Commands, and see reflected there the bliss that might enfold them, were he to serve in strict obedience to these Commands, he would be cast down and made contrite and humble. The obedient man may come to the altars of the Nine and be blessed, and may receive the comfort and healing of the Nine, and may give thanks for his manifold blessings.

Heedless, the wicked man turns away, and forsaking the simple wisdoms granted to him by the All-Wise and All-Knowing Nine, he lives in sin and ignorance all the days of his life. He bears the awful burden of his crimes, and before Men and God his wickedness is known, and neither blessing nor comfort may he expect from the altars and shrines of the Nine.

Yet the wicked and foolish are not doomed, for in their infinite mercies, the Nine have said, “Repent, and do Good Works, and the Fountains of Grace shall once more spill forth upon you.”

Repent your crimes! Tender unto the Emperor the fines of gold, that they may be used to spread the Faith and its Benefits to all Men!

Do yourself good works! Redeem your infamy by shining deeds! Show to all Men and the Nine the good Fame of the Righteous Man, and you may once again approach the altars and shrines of the Chapel to receive the comfort and blessings of the Nine.