Fortnite Not for the Casual Player

I have just removed almost all entries pertaining to Fortnite: Battle Royale. While I do still have the game installed on my PC and I will still, once in a while, play around with it – because I’ve put quite a bit of money into the game – Fortnite is no longer a casual friendly game and the way it’s going, it doesn’t look like it ever will be again. Epic is simply far too obsessed with their pro and competitive content, to do anything to make sure the casual players can still play without being stomped on by sweaty tryhards.

Of the few entries I left intact, half of them are for my eyes only (not available to readers).

I won’t be promoting Epic Game’s or Fortnite (Battle Royale nor Save the World) anymore, either positively or negatively.

Stay away from the Official Forums if you don’t like toxic people, prejudiced moderators, and people who play both sides of the argument. Fortnite’s social media sites are no better.


Fortnite Community Stats and More…

Follower Counts: As of April 19, 2019

  • r/FortNiteBR – 1.1mil followers
  • r/FortniteCompetitive – 119k followers
  • r/FORTnITE (STW) – 319k followers
  • Twitter – 7.47mil followers
  • Fortnite Official Forums – no user count. Mostly the same handful of users, a bunch of one-time posting trolls, and multiple accounts.

Out of an Epic-claimed Fortnite player count of 250+ million, this represents only a very small fraction of the community and most of them, who actually participate, are tryhards, higher skilled, and pro’s demanding those things that make their game easier and faster, and also gives them those impressive kill count and win numbers. That includes being able to prey on the lower skilled, demanding siphon (health/shield on kill) be returned to public matches and opposing any kind of skill-based matchmaking. The number of casual and lower skilled players participating is crippling low compared to the afore mentioned groups. The afore mentioned groups, not only bully and harass the casual and lower skilled players on the forums, etc, but also claim the majority of the community want these advantages, while, in reality, the majority of the community, on all sides of the argument, do not voice themselves in any way, form, or fashion. So, the percentages cannot be calculated as to how many want this or that and how many don’t. Pro implemented Poll’s reflect only what those Pro’s followers select and they mostly favor the Pro’s opinions.

The total of the numbers represented can be lowered by the obvious fact that many of the users on the various platforms are the same people.

On the forums, moderators engage in selective moderation – unnecessarily editing, or deleting, posts and comments and issuing infractions to the users. I agree that forums need moderation to prevent discord and abuse among the participants, but when some get away with attacking, harassing, insulting, picking on, and dissing other users in every which way possible, and their “victims” are the ones getting their comments edited or deleted by moderators and receiving infractions on their accounts, there is something seriously wrong. I have left the forums, for good, due to this, which means one less voice for the casual and lower skilled portion of the community.

I have been trying to return to Fortnite, but due to the lack of SBMM and the tryhards sweating all over players like me, making the game miserable, I lack the motivation to do anything except playground – which quickly becomes boring when you are alone. I WILL NOT, EVER, spend any more money on Fortnite. I spent enough money in the 8 months of playing the game, before quitting in early January 2019, to have paid for a subscription to play any other game for over 3 years. I believe that should give me the right TO BE ABLE to play the game – as in it NEEDS to be PLAYABLE – and to have a voice on the forums. But it has been made clear that players, like myself, should never have much of a voice in anything. The toxicity of the community, itself, certainly does nothing to improve upon my will or motivation to return to the game. It actually just discourages me more.

Epic is so obsessed with competition, that they ignore the needs of their community – the player base. They ignore what is happening to those who want to play just for the fun of playing and maybe goofing off with friends – THESE ARE PAYING CUSTOMERS! They add new, and expensive, items to the item shop on an almost daily basis. Yes, they are a business and they are in it to make money, but there is a fine line between making money (profits) and greed. Not just greed, imho, but glutinous greed. They give MILLIONS in rewards to their “champions” in tournaments – money collected from the little people through the item shop. They add new items to the game weekly, without removing those things that need to be removed and now the loot pool is so cluttered, the chances of getting heals, shields, or even a good weapon are tasks in and of themselves, making the game even more unplayable. There are too many vehicles in the game – and the players have been saying this for a while – all they really need to have, in my opinion, are the ziplines and the quadcrashers. NOTHING ELSE! No balloons or glider redepoys either. Bring back 50v50. Make it AND Team Rumble permanent. And revert Team Rumble back to what it used to be. WHY ENCOURAGE MORE CHAOS? It was chaotic enough before! That actually makes me think that Epic WANTS to encourage aggression and ruthlessness among their players – without thinking that said aggression and ruthlessness CARRIES OVER TO ALL OF THE OTHER MODES (or maybe they have thought about it, if you get my meaning). And after having stated that they removed siphon (except in arena) due to the “unhealthy levels of aggression” it promoted. Epic conflicts themselves at every turn!

In-game bugs, on all platforms, go unfixed while they continue to add this, that, and more to the game. Anything they believe will keep players playing – and spending. It doesn’t matter that players want the game working right more than they want new weapons, consumables, vehicles, or even skins and emotes.

So, anyway, since I don’t have any intentions of ever spending any more money on Fortnite, I have the luxury of playing only when I want to (no battle pass to fulfill). Right now, and always, ESO takes precedence over Fortnite. At least it is PLAYABLE and PERFECTLY SOLOABLE, albeit it can be difficult. Bethesda does not coddle their players. The PvP mode may not have SBMM, but it’s not a Battle Royale and it is PERFECTLY BALANCED. Not to mention, the community, and it’s moderators, are the best you will find anywhere and Bethesda maintains a healthy relationship with their community.

On a final note, I want to say a little about third partying and the whiners who are crying because it happens to them while they are low on health/shield right after eliminating an opponent (or four). These whiners just blasted their opponents until they had NO shield or health left, thus eliminating them. Consequently, their opponents got in a few good shots and took down the whiners shield and health. That’s the consequences of aggressive game play – It’s 100% FAIR! There should be NO reward for eliminating an opponent. The rewards come either, at the end of the match when you win the Royale, or, if you are playing for kills, in the number of kills you acquired before you were either eliminated or won the match. These whiners are just entitled brats (regardless of their age) who think everything should be in their own favor or it’s not fair. There are some people in this world who need to realize that this same world, or any other, does not revolve around them. If they are going to play a game in which eliminating your opponents is a part of the goal, then they need to except that they, too, can be eliminated – even by third partier’s.

AWKWARD! – ESO, behind Guild Wars

By Guild Wars, I mean the original Guild Wars (release date, 04.28.2005).

Let me ‘splain – I have had it up to YAR with Epic Games and all the higher skilled / tryhards infesting the Fortnite forums. Chances are, I will never be going back to Fortnite – at least not any time in the foreseeable future. I haven’t made any decisions concerning Apex Legends, as they currently do not have a solo’s mode or ranked (both of which they are supposed to be getting). I don’t really care for Realm Royale. Despite it’s progress since it first launched (which is when I downloaded it), it still feels clunky to me. The characters, that is. They run like big lumbering lumberjacks, including the females, who also just look like the males – but with boobs. I don’t like the forging feature, either. It feels out of place in a Battle Royale and it takes too long to forge an item and the forges smoke stack sends up a great big smoke signal to all your enemies, “HERE I AM!” I will give them kudos for their ranked system though. It works. Fortnite could use a system like that, but… well, we know where that’s going – nowhere!

I have been playing only Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) here lately, but, as much as I love the game – I mean, I really do love it, I’ll explain at the end – I need some variety.

Queue the old games.

I used to play Guild Wars, but never installed it on my newest laptop (now 2 years old). So I installed it today, logged into my account and was met by some of the most beautiful faces – my characters. Oh how I missed them! I chose one of my low level characters, set my resolution and other graphics preferences, and proceeded to continue where I left off on her…

I didn’t know how to control her. 😮

I had to toy around until I had everything figured out, THEN I proceeded to continue where I had left off.

I died…

Logged out of the low level character and jumped on one of my max level characters, a necromancer.

Died, died, and then died again…

Moved on to my Elementalist, a mage or sorcereress, if you will. WHA LA!!! I pawned my enemies. (I don’t know why, but I am just better as a mage.)

After playing around with Guild Wars for a bit and getting reacquainted with how everything worked, I logged out and logged into ESO. Here’s where my evenings activities got fun.

I’m in Murkmire, the swamps, home of the Argonian’s. Now, when I play, I use my mouse to turn my character as she is running. For some reason, as she was running along, she kept drawing her staff and blocking. I enter a village and I am still trying to figure out why she keeps trying to block while she’s not fighting. Then it dawns on me, I am holding down my right mouse button. In Guild Wars, you have to hold the right mouse button, while moving the mouse, to pan your camera (turn your character) if you are using a mouse for that. In ESO, all you have to do is move the mouse, the buttons have entirely different uses – Such.As.Blocking. So, and I don’t know why, but I immediately click my left mouse button… an orange ball of fire shoots forth from my staff’s tip and hits an Argonian Guard square in his chest. At this point I am in a bit of a state of confusion… maybe.

The next thing I know, the Guard is charging toward me and my Clannfear (sorcerer battle pet) is charging at him. WTF??? I LOVE the Argonian’s (my character is a Wood Elf) and I didn’t want to kill the attacking Guard, so I just start running… out of the village and into the swamp, far enough to snap my Clannfear back to me as if she were on a rubberband. I look down at the right lower corner of my screen – I have a bounty on my head. 277 gold’s worth. I trudge through the swamp back to the village and walk right up to Guard who attacked me.. just because I accidentally hit him with a fireball. He wants to arrest me, but I hand him the 277 gold and all is well.

Moral of the story- do not play ESO immediately after Guild Wars. Or at least stay away from ESO’s populous until you are sure you aren’t confusing your controls. And never, EVER hit a Guard with a fireball. They really don’t like that. This is advice I am giving to myself, but anyone is free take it.

BTW, yes, I have had bounties on me before. Plenty of times actually, but they’ve always been because there were guards and/or civilian’s in the immediate vicinity of a fight with actual enemies and they got hit, accidentally. Or I trespassed, lol. And one time I was trying to talk to a merchant and took something off his table instead. He called the cops! You have got to love how Bethesda added so much humor to the game.

Why I love ESO so much… just look at it, it’s wonderfully designed. The artwork is beautiful. The stories range from whimsical, amusing, and comical to sad, fascinating, and thrilling. And the community, as a whole, is one of the best gaming communities out there. If not the best. I may play solo all of the time, but I know that when I need help or have a question, I will not be met with the kind of toxicity I have encountered in other game communities and forums.


Nahdeen Brii is NO LIAR! (Fortnite)

She’s just highly, and intuitively, observant!

She being me, of course.

For many months, on the Fortnite forums and here, I had brought up the issue of various Discord groups teaming in Fortnite. Using Discord to coordinate larger numbers of players than are allowed by Fortnite’s own communications feature. In solo’s, there isn’t supposed to be communication with anyone else on the battlefield, at all. In duo’s, only the two people who are paired for the mode should be communicating. In squads and large team LTM’s, only four people, maximum squad size, should be communicating.

However, it was my observation, in game – specifically, for me, in 50v50, Soaring 50’s, Disco Domination, Food Fight, and Team Rumble – that there were groups of 6, 8, 12, or more communicating and coordinating their activities with devastating results for the opposing team. This has been being achieved by the use of Discord, an external voice chat (and more) service. These groups consisted of players of all skill levels, but the most notable players are the tryhards that join those groups. Yes, tryhards also play solo or just with buddies and, even on their own, they are a major nuisance, but put them in these groups and they are unstoppable and completely trash the game for everyone else.

I had been saying this on the forums, as I stated above, for months, before the toxic attacks on my person (virtually speaking) forced me to take three months away from participation there. I was called a liar and a low skilled noob and other derogatory things were said to and about me. It was demanded of me to explain how I knew this was happening and my answer that it was my observation of player behavior didn’t suffice. They wanted to know how I knew and nothing I said would end the toxic responses I received.

Then, yesterday morning, this was posted on the forums:


First of all, I want to thank this player for stepping forward and posting this. My reputation on the forums became that of a liar and a lunatic, according to the way I was treated. THIS is the affirmation that I needed to clear my reputation as a truth-sayer.

So, and I am going to name names, Sacred Sippycup, Penta Parrot, Mister Demonic, Slxtnt, Bubba Sparks, and a few others who didn’t hound me quite as much as these did, you all owe me apologies! No! I don’t expect them, but they are owed. Also, you guys are a part of the problem, which is why you gave me such grief over this and demanded me to tell you how I knew.

Now let me explain to you how I know things, without the need to do what this young man did to make this discovery on his own. I am, what is known as, intuitively observant. That means, during my observations, I pick up on and see/hear those things that are not immediately evident to others. That’s the best way I can explain it and if it still isn’t good enough for you, even with the above confirmation that my observations have been correct, then …


Skill Based Matchmaking – Much Needed in Fortnite

This is going to be my very last post about Fortnite, unless they make some changes to make the game more playable and fair for ALL players. Any further posts concerning Fortnite will only give them free promotion, even if it is a rant. And I refuse to promote this game any further. In fact, if you are a casual player looking for a new game, run the other way and don’t look back at Fortnite, in it’s current state.

Anyone, and I mean ANYONE, who thinks Fortnite does not need, or should not have, a skill based matchmaking system, even an optional one, is 100% certifiably crazy!

You’ve got pro’s, highly skilled, tryhards, casuals, lower skilled, and newbie players all on the same battlefield. All at the urging and behest of the pro, highly skilled, and tryhard players to make their matches easier, while all the casual, lower skilled, and newbie players have much harder and more aggravating matches. Where, in any rules of fairness, does that equate to fairness? (yes, I have said all of this before, but it merits repeating.)

To clarify what tryhards are, they are excessively aggressive players that are a major nuisance in the game. They suck the fun right out of an, otherwise, potentially fun game. They have no place in the same matches with casual and lower players any more than the pro’s and highly skilled players do. All Epic Games is doing is satisfying all of these players by feeding them, literally, the players who have not one chance in hell against them. And that’s the way your pro’s, highly skilled, and tryhards like it. (I don’t see a whole lot of admirable skill in that… in fact, I see none!)

“That’s how they learn, though”, the tryhards and higher skilled players will tell you. But all the lowers really learn is how to hate Fortnite… many of which just quit and uninstall it. While those of us who have money invested are now cheated out of the fun we once had, before Fortnite became overrun by, mostly, tryhards.

Fortnite is not dying… yet! But it will in time because there will be no new players to take the places of the older players when they move on to new and more exciting games.