It was an AWESOME show! – ESO

The stream today hit all three viewer goals straight off the bat. The total views for the show hit 21,698,604. If I have not said it enough, the ESO community is the best gaming community out there.

Our new little Bantam pets will be in our accounts in March with the release of the second of two DLC’s leading to the release of the expansion. The first DLC is next week!

The new trailer was released and pre-purchases are available now!



Fortnite is Officially for the Tryhards

Epic keeps gearing the weekly challenges toward the players who play with excess aggressiveness, the tryhards. If this continues, I definitely, without exception, will not be buying any more battle passes, or using the item shop anymore. (ex: Challenge – “Damage players with FIVE different weapons in the SAME match”). Most casual players do good to damage players with two, maybe three, different weapons in a single match. The overwhelming majority of average players do not even carry five different weapons, and swapping out weapons in a match isn’t a guaranteed option. Without skill-based matchmaking this is a nearly impossible feat for casuals. The tryhards are in every match and they own the map with their excessively aggressive game play, making even the easier challenges harder to complete than they should be. Now this one? Seriously?

As far as I can tell, or am even concerned, Epic is making every endeavor to make Fortnite unplayable for casual players. I am beginning to believe they want a pro’s only game now – straying far, FAR off the path that the game was originally designed to follow. They adamantly refuse to address the gaping skill gap issue, much less the tryhards and the discord groups. The only way to address the gap and the tryhards is with skill based matchmaking, but they won’t even consider it because their pro’s, higher skilled, and yes, the tryhards scream at the thought of it and Epic strives to please only these players. The same players that scream about smg’s, planes, explosives, and anything else THEY think are designed to lower the skill gap, but they, themselves, utilize in their game play more often than do the casuals and newbies. They’re the same players that want more and more shotguns and shotgun accuracy and range increased. Shotguns have become a cancer in this game, once again, but it’s all they want and Epic has given it to them… and more.

26 days and no Patches or Server Maintenance since Fortnite v7.10 release

Is it no wonder so many players are having problems with their game? Epic has been neglecting server maintenance and client patches for nearly a month – even with all of the reported bugs in the game and client crashes.

My game started experiencing crashes one day after the release of v7.10. I have never had client crashes before. It continues to crash at random times. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Battleye and have done everything possible on my end to fix this problem. But it’s simply going to take a client update with the necessary fixes.

Get with it, Epic! Before your players revolt!

The Season of the Dragon Approaches (ESO)

Direct from the website!


The cat’s out of bag! Ready yourself, adventurer. A massive announcement for The Elder Scrolls Online is on the way! Find out how you can learn about the upcoming ESO Chapter and what’s coming to the game in 2019.

Tune in to on Tuesday, January 15 at 5:00PM EST to be one of the first to learn about the next exciting adventure in The Elder Scrolls Online. Join us as Creative Director Rich Lambert announces what is coming to ESO in 2019 live to the world from the Twitch studio in San Francisco.

Want to earn some amazing goodies? In addition to Twitch Drops (PC/Mac only), you and your fellow viewers could unlock amazing rewards for all, simply by watching the stream. As the show hits certain peak concurrent viewer count milestones, the following rewards will be unlocked:

  • 55k concurrent viewers: A unique Wallpaper based on the next Chapter’s concept art
  • 70k concurrent viewers: A Hot Pepper Bantam Guar pet for all ESO players across all platforms
  • 90k concurrent viewers: Rich will commit to getting an ESO tattoo somewhere (SFW) on his body!


The Hot Pepper Bantam Guar pet

However, that’s not all! Drop in early to check out the ESO pre-stream show (full details coming soon), and be sure to stick around after the show as special community guests discuss the latest news with Rich and ESO Community Managers Jessica Folsom and Gina Bruno!

It’ll be an amazing night of announcements, big-time reveals, and laughs, so be sure to join us on Tuesday, January 15 at 5:00PM EST for all the fun. See you there!

I will post an update when the details of the pre-stream are released.

I have said it before – The Elder Scrolls Online community is the best gaming community out there! That includes our devs!


Team Rumble needs to be fixed – Fortnite

So, I played a (note “A”) match of Team Rumble last night in Fortnite. I don’t know, yet, about today, but as of last night Team Rumble was still the current large team LTM. I played the one match then logged out and booted up Elder Scrolls Online. But I “wanted” to play some Fortnite and try to complete some of my challenges, so I didn’t even stay in ESO very long and opted to just watch TV instead.

The sheer number of tryhards that were in that match was disturbing – not to mention annoying. >_>, I could not enjoy the game – just as the night before, when my son, a friend, and I tried to play, it was also no fun due to the number of tryhards in every single match. It’s not just their rushing and jump spamming and overall excessively aggressive play style. They also camp all of the respawn points and, when respawning, you either end up dead or badly damaged before you can ever even reach the ground – and you are, as everyone knows, completely helpless when you are on your glider.

In the matches the night before with my son and friend, none of us could even see them, not our teammates even, and they were firing at us from all directions and they almost never missed a shot, even when we were behind walls. They took out two squads worth of my team at Tomato Temple and the only ones we could see were the two that actually entered the area with us, which we eliminated. I don’t think they were ‘with’ the tryhards, just placed on the same team with them by the matching system.

So here is what they need to do to make Team Rumble a little more fun if they are not going to implement, the very much needed, skilled-based matchmaking.

  1. Change where players respawn. Have them respawn on their own teams side of the map. Currently, in my experience, respawning almost always sets you on the enemies side of the map and too far away from your squad and teammates. You are vulnerable and highly sought after and chased by the tryhards!
  2. Since number 1 won’t stop camping the respawn points, even on the opposite teams side, have respawning players spawn higher up in the sky. Like Battle Bus high. This will greatly hinder the ability of campers to take advantage of a respawning players vulnerability and allow the players a chance to rejoin their squad/team mates. Currently they respawn at a point where gliders auto-deploy. That is far too low.
  3. And finally, yes, I am going to mention it. Add an optional skill-based matchmaking to all modes. Also keep stats on all LTM’s, but keep those stats private and separate from normal mode stats. This will make SBMM work in the LTM’s too. It won’t prevent the making of new accounts for the purpose of exploiting lower skilled matches, but it would require the would-be exploiters to make a new account for almost every single match they enter. That would be pretty much impossible.

The tryhards are who are going to kill Fortnite. If Epic doesn’t do something about the problem, I fear they will, if they are not already, be seeing a drop in sales, as it is the casual community that supports this game the most.