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Dovahzul is a fictional language developed by Bethesda Game Studios for the 5th game in the Elder Scrolls series, Skyrim. It is the language used by the dragons and the Dragonborn. Like the Klingon language from Star Trek, it became popular among fans and various linguistically skilled TES fans have continued to develop the language. The language is also used by the dragons of Elsweyr in that ESO expansion.

Original Page Content Below:

This website is constructed using two languages. English and Dovahzul (literally translated, Dragonvoice or Dragon Voice). If the English translation is not on a page containing Dovahzul, the translations can be found here, and then some. Many Dovahzul names (people, places, events, etc…), are a combination of two or more words.

If you are interested in learning Dovahzul, click over to Thu’um dot org. They have the most comprehensive online tutorials out there (that I have found and been satisfied with) and much more.

Dovahkiin (pronounced doe-vah-keen)
Dragonborn (of the dragon blood, dragon kin)
Dovah; Dragon, Kiin; Born

Dovah Ko Aan Ahlek!
1-Dragon In A Bottle!
In this context, Dovah is a noun.
2-Me In A Bottle!
In this context, Dovah is a pronoun
and denotes a dragon referring to
his or herself. Only usable, in this context, by dragons.
“Bottle” is found in the English-Dovahzul section of the 4th Edition dictionary, but not the 5th, so reiterating, use both Editions for a more rounded Dovahzul experience.

Dii miiraad los unstiid bex!
My door is always open!

Praan Ko Drem, Maggie!
Rest In Peace, Maggie!

Nunon Do Raan Fah Zu’u
Dii Hil Praal Wah Niin
Only About (the) Animals For Me
My Heart Lies With Them
(This was on one of my previous site locations.)

Loraan Sulsesaviik
Merry Day of the Savior
Loraan; Merry
Sul Se Saviik; Day Of (the) Savior 

(Closest translation to Merry Christmas,
Can also use Kogaan; Blessed, in place of Loraan)

Nol Fin Kel V: Keizaal
From The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
(From; Origin)

Krosis Zu’u!
Pardon Me!
(Just saying! lol)
Zu’u – The pronoun “me” in general.

Fin Nevonaar
The Desolation

Duvoziir (doo-voh-zeer) Luv (loov)
Desolate Tear
(Tear, as in “to cry”, not Vaaz, tear, “to rip”.)

Vahdindok  (vah-den-dawk) Woman Dog, Bitch, (o  = aw, as in Dog.)
I put this word together, myself, using the words for “woman” and “dog” (female dog) and actually used it in my writings on another website. As with many words in Dovahzul (including the word Dovahzul, itself), it is a combination of two Dovahzul words – “vahdin” (maiden, woman) and “dok” (dog).
Can also be Punahdok (poo-nah-dawk) punah – female, dok – dog.
Both would be correct, but the first would definitively refer to a humanoid woman.

Brii (bree) Beauty

Dovahzul (doe-vah-zool) – Dovah (dragon), zul (voice).

In The Elder Scrolls Online DLC, Dragonhold, Nahfahlaar refers to the players character as “Ahkahtuz“, which is translated as follows:

  • Ah – Hunter
  • Kah – Proud
  • Tuz – Blade or Sword

Please refer to the literature below for proper pronunciations. I make corrections to this page as I learn more.


The first .pdf file below is a Reference, originally made available on Thu’ in December 2013. It is a 53-page definitive guide to Dovahzul. It covers pronunciation, grammar, reading, and a number of other subjects. Topics are divided into canon and non-canon sections to denote which rules are original and which are invented. HOWEVER, it is the FIRST Edition and there have been no updated editions made available since 2013.

Learning Dovahzul

Dovahzul 4th Edition Dictionary

Dovahzul 5th Edition Dictionary
I suggest using both editions of the dictionary as the 4th does seem to contain many more words and corrections are made in the 5th. Words in Dovahzul in the 5th Edition are also accompanied by more details in their usage. All literature is from Thu’um dot org.

NOTE: Some words are found in the English-Dovahzul sections of the dictionaries, but not in the Dovahzul-English sections.

Dragon Alphabet Font (ttf) This is a direct download from Thu’um dot org.

The Dragon Alphabet font has all 34 runes mapped to both the upper and lower cases. Special characters are mapped on the uppercase keys. It also features punctuation such as periods, commas, question marks, and exclamation points and number runes 1-0.

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