This website is constructed using two languages. English and Dovahzul (literally translated, Dragonvoice or Dragon Voice). If the English translation is not on a page containing Dovahzul, the translations can be found here, and then some.

If you are interested in learning Dovahzul, click over to Thu’um dot org. They have the most comprehensive online tutorials out there (that I have found and been satisfied with) and much more.

Dovahkiin (pronounced doe-vah-keen)
Dragonborn (of the dragon blood, dragon kin)
Dovah; Dragon, Kiin; Born

Dovah Ko Aan Ahlek!
1-Dragon In A Bottle!
In this context, Dovah is a noun.
2-Me In A Bottle!
In this context, Dovah is a pronoun
and denotes a dragon referring to
his or herself.

Hofkiin (huef – keen)
[o = ue, as in blue]


Dii miiraad los unstiid bex!
My door is always open!

Praan Ko Drem, Maggie!
Rest In Peace, Maggie!

Nunon Do Raan Fah Zey
Dii Hil Praal Wah Niin
Only About (the) Animals For Me
My Heart Lies With Them
(This was on one of my previous site locations.)

Loraan Sulsesaviik
Merry Day of the Savior
Loraan; Merry
Sul Se Saviik; Day Of (the) Savior 

(Closest translation to Merry Christmas,
Can also use Kogaan; Blessed, in place of Loraan)

Nol Fin Kel V: Keizaal
From The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
(From; Origin)

Krosis Zey!
Pardon Me!
(Just saying! lol)
The pronoun “me” in general.
Human usage.

Fin Nevonaar
The Desolation

Duvoziir (doo-voh-zeer) Luv (loov)
Desolate Tear
(Tear, as in “to cry”, not Vaaz, tear, “to rip”.)

Vahdindok  (vah-den-duek) Woman Dog, Bitch, (o  = ue, as in Blue.)

Brii (bree) Beauty

Nahdeen (nah-deen) Nahdeen is an actual middle-eastern name, although when I created my Elder Scroll’s Online character (my first use of the name), I did not know that. I thought it was a name I had made up.

Dovahzul (doe-vah-zool)